Estimated Theatrical Release Date                                                       14th May 2020

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Film Awards - Lawrence After Arabia - 20

Los Angeles Film Awards                 Official Selection


                                                       Honorable Mention Best Feature Film

Dumbo (New York) Film Festival     Semi-Finalist

DMOFF                                           Official Selection

Miami Independent Film Festival     Official Selection

Accolade (LA) Film Festival              Official Selection

                                                            Award of Merit - Film Feature      

                                                            Award of Recognition - Original Score

Tagore int. Film Festival                   Official Selection


                                                        Best Director

                                                        Best Cinematography

 Best Soundtrack

 Best Music Video

 Best Narrative Feature

 Best Feature Script

IndieFest Film Awards                     Official Selection

                                              Best Film

                                              Best Lead Actor              

                                              Best Hair & Makeup 

Uruvatti Film Festival                       Special Jury Award Best Int. Feature 

                                                       Special Jury Award – Best Script

                                                       Best Debut Filmmaker for Feature Film

                                                       Best Screenplay

                                                       Best Producers

Havelock Film Festival                      Best International Feature Film

                                                       Best Soundtrack        


Cult Film Festival                              Official Selection


Florence Film Awards                    Official Selection

                                                     Best Feature Film

Kosice Film Festival                       Official Selection

                                                     Honorable Mention Best Picture

                                                     Best Director

                                                     Best Film Poster

Golden Earth Film Festival            Official Selection

Lift Off Amsterdam                        Official Selection 


Lift Off Paris                                  Official Selection

Vegas Film Awards                        Official Selection



                                                     Winner - Audience Poll

       Best Drama

       Best Song

       Best First Time Director

       Best First Time Screenwriter

       Best Supporting Actor

Sweden Film Awards                     Best Debut Film 

Indo American Int. Fest                  Official Selection



Sun of the East Festival                  Official Selection



“Lawrence: After Arabia” is the final act in the TE Lawrence story which chronologically follows David Lean’s “Lawrence of Arabia” (1962) which starred Peter O’Toole as T.E. Lawrence and “Lawrence: A Dangerous Man” (1996) which starred Ralph Fiennes in the starring role.


“Lawrence: After Arabia” is now in pre-production with funding and investment being gathered and cast, filmmakers and locations being chosen. The film will be British-made and independent in the style of its predecessors and other classic British films such as “The King’s Speech”, “Ghandi” and  “Chariots of Fire”.

As of the 1st January 2020 the film is now fully funded - thanks to all our supporters. Filming was completed in Jun 2020. and Post-Production in December 2019. The film's release was delayed due to CV19 but will now be released in May 2021.

Please support this British movie so we can finish what is the fascinating final chapter in the story of TE Lawrence - Lawrence of Arabia - and his death by accident or assassination.


This film is the story of the last years of the life of T.E. Lawrence -  Lawrence of Arabia - a scholar, writer, soldier and reluctant hero.  Retiring to his cottage in Dorset he hopes to escape his past but is pulled into political intrigue. While he has powerful friends, with his uncompromising manner he has made dangerous enemies.  

As they plot against him he dies in a tragic motorcycle accident. However, with such enemies was his untimely death an assassination and cover up by the British Secret Service?

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Production Status

The project has now completed and we are negotiating Sales & Distribution of the film. The gala premiere will be held at Poole Lighthouse on Friday 9th October 2021 with special screenings following through May and June. General release will be mid-June 2021 with streaming and DVD release later in the year. Our thanks for everyones support!