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Background Shoot Done!

Well we did it! Six day background shoot completed successfully! A BIG thank you from me and BIG hugs and kisses to all the cast and all the crew who helped make the shoot week a pleasure and privilege and a real walk in the park. Other than the desert scene in Arcachon we completed the shoot on schedule and I think judging by the laughter on set everyone had a great time. Simon (DOP) and I have been reviewing the material and are really excited by what we have “in the can". We also had a visit from the BBC who interview Kirsten Sare, Tom Barber-Duffy and myself for a piece on their news programme which is on our website and Facebook page. So what next? Firstly the New Trailer - Over the next few weeks Simon and I are going to create a new trailer - possibly two - and of course begin to edit the scenes we have shot - which is about 25% of the film. With 400Gb of material the current running time will be 18 hours! Other Shoots - I’m also already planning the other shoot weeks which will be roughly February (Morocco Desert Scenes TBC), March (Studio Scenes), May (Extras Scenes), June (Outside and Final Mop-Up Scenes). I have now firmed dates and begun casting the rest of the key characters shortly. Finally Sponsorship - as you may know we have the budget to do the rest of the shoot (Production) and I now need to work on raising the final £30k for Post-Production through private and corporate sponsors. I’m confident we will raise this - we have until Summer 2019 to do it - but anything each of you can do to spread the word would be really helpful. Any donations however small gratefully received!

Lawrence: After Arabia - Cast & Crew at Kingston Country Courtyard Hotel.

Please visit to find out more.

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