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Casting Complete - Mini-Shoot 1

Back at the end of August 2018 we realised we had hit a Catch 22. Actors (and their agents) wouldn’t commit to our film until other actors committed to our film! In addition they saw no urgency in committing, as we weren’t scheduled to shoot until 6-9 months down the line.

So, we took the decision to do a mini-shoot. Five days when we could shoot keys scenes with some of our lead actors. This would give us a number of benefits. We would get:

· Shots of our key characters

· Shots of Lawrence on the Brough

· Shots for Opening and Closing credits

· Shoot of about 25% of Film

· Names – hopefully some big - assigned to the film

· Confirm that Crew and Kit were worked well as a unit.

· Production Stills and On Set Stills for Film/Online Media

But most of all two things. Confidence and a High Quality Trailer.

Confidence because this is a huge project and for some of us (especially me!) my first feature film. If the mini-shoot works the final three weeks – probably to be broken also into mini-shoot will be easier. As they say if you want to eat an elephant you need to chop it into small chunks!

High quality trailer because our trailer is made of stock footage which doesn’t at all show the vision we have for the production – currently it’s a place holder and we need something credible and of quality.

With the mini-shoot a little over three weeks away, its going well, we’re reaching our readiness and yes, we have our actors all cast now with thanks to one particular agent in Dorset and with little thanks to those in London (except one!) who did not return calls, did not return emails, did not respond as to whether their client was available or not and ignored the words “independent low budget movie”.

It’s been a learning experience but we’re almost there and hopefully casting for next years shoots will be a littler easier.

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