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The Death of T.E. Lawrence

One of the key components of our film is asking the question - was Lawrence simply involved in an accident or was it an assassination?

Of course I can’t give away the plot but I can say in researching what happened on the 13thMay 1935 and for six days after it has intrigued those interested.

You will note I do not use the words “conspiracy theorists”. This tends to be terms used by traditionalist historians who believe since the truth has been written we should not entertain any doubt of an established truth. Of course as Lawrence would say “nothing is written”.

After researching this for perhaps 40 years I still sit on the fence. Yes, it could have been an accident but it could well given the evidence – means, motive and opportunity that Lawrence could have been subject to a murder.

There are in excess of fifteen theories as to an assassination (who, why, how etc.) and paradoxically there are roughly five theories as to how an accident could have occurred. Yet neither, accident nor assassination, have been investigated in any depth and the actual cause proven.

Surely the historians would want to get to the core of what happened that day?

And why should we care?

Lawrence’s death was potentially the first time that the British people were exposed to and institutionalised falsehood. At that time when news was managed and controlled and only view through newspapers managed by moguls and the newsreel. In the 1930’s the idea of the government lying to the people would have been unthinkable – trust in authority was unquestionable. Now lying to its people is of course part and parcel of government and a daily occurrence.

GW2275 Lawrence's Brough Superior at Corfe Castle

Within the film we cannot cover the gamut of the investigation for accident or investigation so we’ve decided to produce a documentary to accompany the film.

Watch this space…

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